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13 Anime That Are Just Way Too Long

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There is nothing better than an engaging anime with a story so dynamic that you can’t help but become completely devoted to witnessing the fate of your favorite characters. There is nothing worse, however, than seeing a great anime run on for entirely too long.

There are many anime that easily soar into the triple digits when it comes to their total episode count, despite the fact that it might not be necessary to carry the plot on for that long (or half that long, in some cases). Unfortunately, this is a fate that is all too common for many of the highest rated anime series. What starts out as a great story quickly devolves into a sad attempt to keep a dragging on even though the quality of the story development is starting to suffer. Simply put, even in the world of anime, too much of a good thing always turns out bad. 

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    The entire Naruto series has more than 600 episodes under its belt between the original series and its successor Naruto: Shippuden. Of course, fans would hardly find reason to complain about Naruto’s length if the anime was packed with original content driving the overarching plot, while also still providing a decent amount of closure on subplots along the way.

    Instead, the anime starts to just feel like it never ends. There are a lot of filler episodes that stretch the series out with multiple “big finish” fights that seem like they would be epic enough to end the series. The anime series is just insanely bloated, even down to the final arc. 

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    A whopping 366 episodes of this anime ran between 2004 to 2012, and unsurprisingly the series failed to retain its value throughout the entire stretch. To be clear, Bleach is an anime that deserves what praise it gets. It has an interesting collection of characters, and some story arcs  really keep you engaged. That is, until the end of Season 6.

    There are no shortage of forums that focus on debating when Bleach should have ended its televised anime series, but no suggestion seems quite as popular as the end of the Arrancar arc. By the end of this narrative, Bleach just seemed to lose its luster in a sea of story arcs that felt repetitive and forced. Seriously, what the hell is a fullbringer? 

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    Nadia: The Secret Of The Blue Water

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    Nadia: The Secret of the Blue Water was an anime that was originally slated to end far earlier than it actually did. The series' success encouraged creators to tack on some extra episodes and stretch out the anime, which (of course) ultimately resulted in a huge pile of filler episodes. Episodes 24 - 29 and 32 - 34 add little to no value to the story, which isn't surprising considering they were never originally supposed to be in the series anyway. 

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    The Gundam franchise has been running since 1979, and throughout the decades has created a massive and confusing multiverse that can be difficult to keep up with. Sadly enough, it turns out that most of the sagas just aren't worth watching. Despite having more than 30 different sagas and movies throughout the Gundam series, roughly 10 of them are actually worth watching.

    The rest seem to sway back and forth between being somewhat amusing and downright flat and one dimensional. Some of them don't even seem to fit well into the Universal Century, which is supposed to serve as the one quasi-foundation among all the different Gundam series.  


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