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12 Things You Should Never Google - Anime Edition

Updated March 22, 2021 319.7k views12 items

The Internet can be a scary place sometimes. Sure, the information highway has its perks, like the cutest cat videos and amazing memes, but it can also be a disturbing box of horror. One minute, you're Googling a seemingly harmless tag recommended on your search bar - the next, you're clawing your eyes out, wishing you could unsee what you just saw.

While there are things you should never Google under any circumstances, there are keywords that apply to the anime universe that you may be unaware of. Anime fans, be warned: For your sanity, here are 12 things you should never Google. Don't do it, man. Seriously. It's a bad idea. 

  • Ero Guro

    Photo: Conor Ryan / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

    Ero guro is one of those anime things you shouldn't Google. It is a Japanese art movement that focuses on invoking eroticism through shocking and grotesque imagery. Some of the violent and sexual works in this list are actually based on this sub-genre. So, unless you're really into seeing lots of eyeball-licking artwork, just avoid ero guro whenever you use Google. 

  • Goosh Goosh

    "Goosh Goosh." Oh, that sounds cute. Think it's a name of a Pokémon or something? Ha ha... Wrong! "Goosh Goosh" is a reference to a YouTube video of an infamous sexual assault scene in Tokyo Tribe 2. An obese crime lord assaults a small man to death. DEATH. The act is seen through a curtain, so you only see the silhouette.

    Blood is seen pooling on the floor. The worst part? The sound of "Goosh Goosh" can be heard during the horrifying scene. 

  • Chika Gentou Gekiga: Shojo Tsubaki

    Chika Gentou Gekiga: Shojo Tsubaki (Midori), commonly referred to as Shojo Tsubaki, is not for the faint of heart. The 1992 independent anime film features brutality and cruelty. Shojo Tsubaki has been banned by foreign countries for its visual depictions of sexual assault, gore, and animal cruelty (an infamous GIF from the film shows a puppy being stepped on with blood, guts, and vomit pouring out).

    An original cut of the film doesn't even exist anymore. This movie is no joke. 

  • Uzumaki

    Googling for awesome pics of Uzumaki from Naruto? Just make sure to spell out that knuckleheaded ninja's name and not just leave it at "Uzumaki," because the results will not be pretty. Googling "Uzumaki" will take you to Junji Ito's twisted horror manga series and all the disturbing, yet incredibly illustrated, images it contains.

    If you're not prepared for the surreality, Uzumaki is one of those anime things you shouldn't Google.