15 Soothing Anime That Are Good To Watch Before Bed

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Sometimes the best way to get to sleep is to open up Crunchyroll, Netflix, or wherever else you get your anime, and start watching. But what's the best anime to fall asleep to? You don't want to watch something that's too funny, too gripping, or too scary - otherwise, you'll end up in the wrong frame of mind for bedtime. 

This list will provide you with suggestions for anime to watch before bed. Many of them are atmospheric that will soothe your mind while still keeping you just engaged enough to keep you interested until the Sleepytime tea kicks in. Some have continuous plots that it's okay to miss bits of, while others are largely episodic - not missing crucial plot points if you happen to fall asleep is an important consideration here. While not all of these anime have been dubbed, those that have may be best watched in that format - that way you can listen with your eyes closed. Two anime - Pillow Boys and Sleeping With Hinako - are specifically made for this purpose.

Whichever anime you choose to take to bed with you, remember that if you fall asleep while it's on, that means that it's working.


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    If you want to be lulled to sleep by the beauty of nature, but don't want to be bored out of your mind, try Mushishi. This atmospheric anime follows Ginko, who works as a mushi-shi. As a mushi-shi, he solves problems caused by mushi, mysterious lifeforms that can create an infinite variety of effects on humans and the natural world. Each episode will have moments that grab your interest, but also moments where it's mostly about the scenery - a perfect point in the episode to doze off.

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    Natsume's Book of Friends

    Natsume's Book of Friends follows Natsume on his quest to return names - and therefore freedom - to the yokai whose names are inscribed in a magical book he inherited from his grandmother. It's thought-provoking enough to hold your interest but gentle and formulaic enough to fall asleep to. Another bonus - there are at least six seasons, so if you find that this show puts you to sleep, you won't run out of episodes for a while.

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    Laid Back Camp

    Laid Back Camp
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    Laid Back Camp is a relaxing anime about a group of girls who love taking camping trips during the winter. Most of its appeal is how cozy and soft everything is. Because it's winter, the girls are completely bundled up in coats and hats and sleeping bags. They can often be found sitting around the campfire, walking through nature, or indulging in other relaxing activities. Since there's no detailed plot to keep track of, you can fall asleep at any time without having to worry about missing anything.

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    Flying Witch
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    Flying Witch is a slice of life anime about a young witch-in-training who is balancing her magical studies with her high school experience. It has a supernatural twist to keep you interested if the whole high school thing doesn't do it for you, but it's far more relaxing than more action-oriented anime about magic. You don't want to be watching Blue Exorcist while you're trying to go to sleep.

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    Kino's Journey

    Kino's Journey
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    Kino's Journey follows the titular Kino as they travel from one new country to the next on their talking motorcycle Hermes. In each episode, they experience a completely new culture, often one with strange customs like tournaments determining citizenship, and the consequences of those policies are explored. It's possible to get really deep into the deeper meaning behind each new society, but it's also possible to enjoy the antics of a talking motorcycle while you're half asleep. 

  • Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless
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    What better way to get to sleep than with a protagonist who is constantly sleeping? Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless follows a low-energy teenager as he meanders through his daily life. While there will certainly be moments of high-energy silliness to contrast Tanaka's placid speed, his tempo also dominates the show. As a slice-of-life, the story is mostly about character relationships and everyday occurrences, making this a perfect show to snooze to.