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20 Strange Anime TV Commercials You Didn't Know Existed

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List RulesVote up the strangest, most amazing commercials that use anime to get their message across.

Advertisers will use all sorts of methods to get people to buy their products - including using anime. The results are sometimes straight up bizarre.

In some cases, companies use pre-existing anime franchises to advertise their wares - did you know that Schick created an Attack on Titan ad in which the Survey Corps shave Titans and an Evangelion ad where Gendo Ikari flies beardless through the sky?  Other times, the ads simply use anime style to get their message across - like McDonalds' recent anime themed recruitment ads. Sometimes, they're even for anime merchandise - Yowamushi Pedal has its own line of glasses frames that you can totally buy if you're in Japan.

These anime TV commercials may or may not inspire you to buy the product, but they certainly make you laugh - or at least raise an eyebrow in confusion.

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