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15 Times Anime Villains Flexed Their Strength In A Major Way

June 11, 2021 3.1k votes 606 voters 31k views15 items

Some anime villains who flex their strength try to do it by simply monologuing about their skills. Others back up their actions, making the flex much more effective. It's not what Cell says when he goes on TV and announces the Cell Games that makes him terrifying, it's the fact that he blows up a mountain afterward. Sousuke Aizen doesn't have to say anything when he stops Ichigo's bankai with a finger - he proves his strength with that alone. But sometimes words are enough: Madara has a reputation big enough to back up the question he asks the Kages.

However they prove their strength, these villains make it abundantly clear that you do not want to mess with them. 

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    Dabi Incinerates Wannabe Villains In 'My Hero Academia'

    If you want to join the League of Villains, you'd better be polite to Dabi. When the League starts trying to recruit new members, Dabi comes across a group of them in an alleyway. They say something threatening, and Dabi responds by using his Cremation quirk to obliterate the whole group in one shot. These guys don't survive long enough to worry about Dabi's power, but the audience is left more than a little speechless. 

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    Feitan Portor Reveals His Rising Sun Technique In 'Hunter x Hunter'

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    Feitan Portor is a member of Phantom Troupe who's easily overlooked until you realize just how outlandishly powerful he is. Up against a Chimera Ant named Zazan, he uses a combination of Nen techniques that leaves him totally safe, his allies at risk, and his enemy absolutely devastated. The first move is Pain Packer, which generates a heat-resistant armor out of sheer rage. The second, Rising Sun, involves creating a huge flaming ball out of Nen. The worse his injuries before this happens, the hotter the flames.

    His friends have seen this flex before, so they immediately start running as soon as they realize what's coming - Zazan doesn't stand a chance. 

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    Toguro Levels A Construction Site In 'Yu Yu Hakusho'

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    Yusuke Urameshi isn't one to run from a fight, but even he can't help but get nervous when he realizes just how strong Toguro is. Toguro really drives this point home by destroying a multi-level construction site and nearly burying Yusuke alive in the process. He does this not with explosives but with his fists. Worse, he's not even using his full power to accomplish this - he's using just 60%. How the heck is Yusuke supposed to stand a chance against this guy? At the moment, he doesn't exactly feel confident - he'll have to use everything he's learned from Genkai and then some. 

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    Legato Bluesummers Forces A Guy To Rip His Own Heart Out In 'Trigun'

    Photo: Sunrise

    It's hard to feel too much sympathy for the dudes Legato Bluesummers wiped the floor with - after all, they were engaged in human trafficking. Still, the level of brutality that he displays makes it quite clear how dangerous he'll be when he's up against the heroes. Legato uses his psychic abilities to force a man to plunge his hand into his own chest and rip out his own heart, then makes the rest of them shoot each other.

    Why did he leave survivors? Because he wants to let them bury their dead, and he's not the least bit worried about retaliation. 

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