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15 Times Anime Villains Flexed Their Strength In A Major Way

June 11, 2021 1.5k votes 294 voters 15.6k views15 items

Some anime villains who flex their strength try to do it by simply monologuing about their skills. Others back up their actions, making the flex much more effective. It's not what Cell says when he goes on TV and announces the Cell Games that makes him terrifying, it's the fact that he blows up a mountain afterward. Sousuke Aizen doesn't have to say anything when he stops Ichigo's bankai with a finger - he proves his strength with that alone. But sometimes words are enough: Madara has a reputation big enough to back up the question he asks the Kages.

However they prove their strength, these villains make it abundantly clear that you do not want to mess with them. 

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    Madara Asks A Question In 'Naruto'

    If the concept of flexing were given human form, it would be Madara. He's just about the strongest person in the shinobi world, and he absolutely knows it. When he's facing off against the five Kages, he isn't the least bit phased. When the Mizukage says that he can't complain that it's an unfair battle because of how strong he is, he responds by creating multiple clones and asking if she'd prefer they use the Susano-o or not. Not only is he bragging that he has the chakra to equip multiple clones with a high-powered defense, he's also fully willing to fight without it - something he wouldn't dare do if he thought the Kages posed a real threat. 

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    Sousuke Aizen Stops Ichigo's Sword In 'Bleach'

    Aizen's betrayal of Soul Society is pretty much one giant flex, but this particular moment stands out. Not only does Aizen stop Ichigo's sword with his bare hands, he also seemingly breaks the fourth wall and stops the battle music that plays as Ichigo charges at him. Plus he's able to get a pretty devastating attack in too. Nobody does it like Aizen. 

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    Father Generates A Tiny Sun In 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood'

    What else is somebody who just obtained godly powers supposed to do but show off? Using his recently acquired ability to ignore the basic laws of alchemy, Father creates a tiny sun in the palm of his hand. It's not that he needs to do it - he could easily use his powers for much more practical purposes - but he's worlds away from the weak little Dwarf in a Flask he used to be, and he wants everyone to know it.

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    Dabi Incinerates Wannabe Villains In 'My Hero Academia'

    If you want to join the League of Villains, you'd better be polite to Dabi. When the League starts trying to recruit new members, Dabi comes across a group of them in an alleyway. They say something threatening, and Dabi responds by using his Cremation quirk to obliterate the whole group in one shot. These guys don't survive long enough to worry about Dabi's power, but the audience is left more than a little speechless. 

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