14 Anime Villains That Deserve Their Own Series

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One of the main draws of anime lies in the genre's ability to flesh out even the most static of characters into compelling personalities. Because it its rich storytelling, the genre produces plenty of anime villains who deserve their own anime. All sorts of sympathetic anime antagonists exist, giving studios tons of content to work off of. These villains offer a new perspective on the original content, one that is otherwise impossible through the protagonist alone.

Scar of Fullmetal Alchemist presents a window into Ishvalan society you never see in the primary storyline. On the flipside, a villain like Hunter X Hunter's Hisoka is so fascinating you would watch 150+ episodes worth of him stuck at the DMV just for more screen time. Of all the anime characters deserving of their own series, the most pressing ones might just be the anime villains. Sometimes, bad people give you the best content.