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14 Anime Villains Who Have Killed The Most Heroes

August 19, 2020 1.1k votes 257 voters 16.9k views14 items

There are villains who take down a hero or two - and then there's these guys. Anime villains who have defeated the most villains are responsible for some of the most devastating moments in anime history. Love 'em or hate 'em, nobody can say they're not accomplishing their goals. 

For this list, we'll be focusing on characters who either annihilate so many heroes that you can't even name them all, or who take out some majorly important ones. So while there are plenty of villains who qualify due to sheer numbers, they might not be included if it happens off-screen or we don't know their identities. 

Which of these prolific villains do you find the most terrifying?

  • Heroes Taken Down: Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, Goten, Krillin, Android 18, Bulma, Vegeta, Planet Earth

    It's hard to top blowing up an entire freakin' planet, which is why Majin Buu is an absolute must for this list. He paints Vegeta into a corner and forces him to sacrifice himself to save his children and the planet, then regenerates and renders his sacrifice moot. He wipes out everybody standing guard including Krillin, Android 18 and Bulma. When the whole planetary destruction thing happens, he ends Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten in the process, not to mention all the billions of earthly residents who aren't named.

    Sure, everybody comes back to life eventually, but that doesn't make it less of a big deal in the moment. 

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  • Heroes Taken Down: Fukusaku, Shizune, Hatake Kakashi, Jiraiya

    When Pain invades Konoha, he starts wreaking havoc right away through his Six Path proxies. Despite most of the ninja in the city banding together to defeat him, he's able to take down Fukusaku the frog, powerful ninja like Shizune,  and even Kakashi. And of course, by that point he's already eliminated Jiraiya, who sought him out to get information back to Konoha before the invasion.

    Ultimately, Pain revives everybody who he took down, except for Jiraiya, because Naruto has to have something to cry about when the arc is done. While that revival does take the sting out, those heroes still had to experience losing their lives. 

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    The Beast Titan - 'Attack on Titan'

    The Beast Titan - 'Attack on Titan'
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    Heroes Taken Down: Mike Zacharias, Erwin Smith, multiple Survey Corps members

    The Beast Titan, also known as Zeke Jaeger, is among the most terrifying figures in the world of Attack on Titan - and in a world of gigantic man-eating monsters, that's saying something. We first realize what an unstoppable menace he is when he feeds Mike to a group of mindless Titans, but things only get more extreme from there. 

    When Eren and the rest of the Survey Corps attempt to plug up the hole in Wall Maria, he and his allies try to stop them by launching massive boulders in their direction. Erwin Smith leads the soldiers into battle knowing that most of them will lose their lives, and ends up paying the ultimate price himself. Yup, that's right, he took down Erwin Smith. 

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    All For One - 'My Hero Academia'

    Heroes Taken Down: Most holders of One For All

    Yes, My Hero Academia does have a character who calls himself the Hero Killer, but since none of the people he's eliminated have names, we're going to go with the Big Bad of the series (so far) All For One, the leader of the League of Villains. He's gotten rid of every single holder of the One For All Quirk except for All Might and Izuku. Besides the guy's been out there stealing quirks from heroes for decades - it's unlikely that nobody passed away in the process.

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