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16 Anime Villains Who Absolutely Love Being Evil

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If you're looking for sympathetic villains with valid reasons for their nefarious deeds, turn back now. The characters on this list don't turn to evil because they have to or because they think it's a means to a peaceful end - they do it because it's fun.

Anime villains who love being evil can be unsettling, but they can also be fun. It's both interesting to think about how a character who loves spreading misery ticks, and cathartic to see them get what's coming to them. These villains appear in classic anime like DBZ and in more recent series like Blood Blockade Battlefront, and while it can sometimes seem like villains with hearts of gold are more popular, these cruel antagonists will probably keep cropping up in the medium. Which ones are your favorites? 

  • Hidan hails from Yugakure, a ninja village that eventually evolved into a tourist site. Believing that a ninja village should focus on ending lives, Hidan was furious. He ended up joining Jashinism, a cult that focuses on destruction at all costs. After a cult ritual left him immortal, he became even more invested in ending other people's lives.

    He brought his violent outlook with him into the Akatsuki, which is why he spends his battle against Team 10 openly mocking them and laughing about the pain he intends to cause. He's upset that he experienced consequences for eliminating Asuma, but he never displayed a shred of guilt. 

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    Prime Minister Honest - Akame ga Kill

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    Prime Minister Honest absolutely does not live up to his name. Rather than being honest, he spends the whole series tricking the child emperor into committing atrocities for his personal benefit. This included having anyone who defied him slain and dramatically oppressing the people of his nation with unfair laws. In the manga, he was even known to commit acts of cannibalism. He's having a great time making everyone miserable, until he gets what's coming to him at Leone's hands. 

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    It's not like we're expecting good things from a Nazi chosen by Adolph Hitler, but The Major manages to be exceptionally evil even within the confines of that putrid description. War is his greatest passion, not because it's getting anything done but because he delights in mass suffering. Whether he's grinning manically about the suffering he happens to observe or straight up causing it himself, it's clear that there isn't a shred of kindness or compassion in this man's withered heart. 

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    Ryomen Sukuna - Jujutsu Kaisen

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    As the legendary king of cursed spirits, it comes as no surprise that Ryomen Sukuna enjoys being on the dark side. Once a powerful human sorcerer, his spirit now lives on through 20 of his cursed fingers. Yuji Itadori, who consumed one of those fingers, now serves as Sukuna's vessel. If it weren't for Itadori's ability to surpress Sukuna, he'd be wreaking havoc and despair everywhere he goes just for the fun of it.

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