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13 Anime Villains Who Try Way Too Hard To Be Evil

Ever get the feeling that an anime character is doing way too much? Whether they're endlessly plugging away at an impossible goal like Team Rocket and Emperor Pilaf or they're so unconscionably evil that they should have been stopped a long time ago like Hody Jones or Dino Golzine, these characters take villainy past the point of no return.

Sometimes, it's fun to watch them anime villains who try too hard, but sometimes it's just plain frustrating. Love 'em or hate 'em, vote up the villains who are going as full throttle as they possibly can. 

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    Oberon - Sword Art Online

    Photo: A-1 Pictures

    It's bad enough that Nobuyuki Sugou got engaged to a comatose teenager by asking her father instead of waiting for her to wake up so that he could ask her - he knew that the answer was no. How? Because Asuna Yuuki's digital self is trapped in a gilded cage created by Sugou's online alter-ego, Oberon. In-game, it's quite obvious that Asuna has no interest in this creep, but that doesn't stop him from holding her hostage, stopping by every once in a while to grope her and lick her face. 

    Once her boyfriend Kirito shows up to save the day, Oberon proves that not only is he a total slimebag, he also can't take real pain. When Kirito changes the settings on his Nerve Gear and makes the fight actually hurt, he starts sobbing like a baby. Clearly, Oberon wasn't prepared to face the consequences of his actions.

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    Myne - The Rising Of The Shield Hero

    It wasn't enough for Myne to accuse Naofumi of an assault he didn't commit and persuade everybody in the country to start shunning him for no reason. No, she had to keep popping up at every possible moment to ruin his life, whether that's making her lackeys cheat during a race or trying to annihilate her own sister for not being fully on board with her schemes. While she's clearly making Naofumi upset, at a certain point she becomes less of a threat and more of a nuisance.

    Why do all that? Because a weird cult told her to, that's why! It'd be nice if further seasons go into more detail about that, but it'd also be nice if she just went away. 

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    Seryu Ubiquitous - Akame ga KILL!

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    There's nothing wrong with caring about justice, but Seryu Ubiquitous takes it way too far. Once she decides that somebody is evil, she feels fully empowered to destroy them in the most sadistic way possible. Those she considers evil include vigilante assassins like Night Raid, as well as minor shoplifters and people who disagree with her. While some of her allies are happy to have her wreak havoc, others are pretty taken aback by her extreme violence. 

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    Hody Jones - One Piece

    While some One Piece villains are sympathetic, Hody Jones is very much not. He's a fishman who loathes humans from the very bottom of his soul. Not because they did anything to him, but because he views humans as inherently inferior and can't stand the idea of humans and fishmen having peaceful interactions. Basically, he's a fantasy racist. All that would be bad enough, but he also holds humans captive and slays them in order to make a point or to extort various parties for favors and cash. He somehow manages to be even worse than Arlong, who shares his views - at least Arlong wouldn't attack his fellow fishmen. 

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