12 Anime Characters Who Are Surprisingly Still Virgins
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12 Anime Characters Who Are Surprisingly Still Virgins

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Contrary to popular belief, it's actually impossible to tell if someone is a virgin or not just by looking at them. There also aren't any personality traits that directly correspond to sexual experience. That being said, there are still some characters who viewers expect to be getting laid - or at least, the other characters in the show are. 

Who are the anime characters you didn't know were virgins? Well, did you know that Cana Aberona, the hard-drinking hottie from Fairy Tail, has never actually gotten down and dirty with anyone? What about Issei Hyodo from High School DXDa horny dude who wanted nothing more in life than to form his own harem and succeeded?

Shockingly, both Issei and Cana are anime virgins - and so are the other characters on this list. Who is your favorite?

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    Albedo Of 'Overlord' Is A Succubus With No Sexual Experience

    Albedo Of 'Overlord' Is A Succubus With No Sexual Experience
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    Because she's a succubus, one would expect Albedo to have had a ton of physical intimacy experiences. Her virgin status is revealed when a Bicorn - essentially a reverse unicorn who prefers those who've gotten freaky - refuses to allow her to ride. It turns out that the reason she's never actually done anything is that when she was video game NPC, Momonga rewrote her programming to make her fall madly in love with him - overriding the earlier coding that might have compelled her to sleep around. 

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    Cana Alberona Of 'Fairy Tail' Had Her Virginity Revealed Through A Magic Spell

    After a spell reveals the virginity status of many members of the Fairy Tail cast, there are some surprising revelations. One of the more surprising ones is that Cana Alberona, the hard-drinking scantily clad mage, has no sexual experience to speak of. Obviously, appearance doesn't actually equate to real-world sexual activity, but Cana doesn't look or act like what most people picture when they think about virgins. 

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    Sakie Satou Of 'Interviews With Monster Girls' Goes Out Of Her Way To Avoid Sex

    If Sakie Satou wanted to unleash her full powers, she could easily lose her virginity - after all, she's a succubus, which means that just about everyone who interacts with her is hopelessly attracted to her. But rather than forming her own harem, Sakie prefers a quiet life - one where any attention she gets is from genuine love rather than mindless lust. To accomplish this, she intentionally dresses in an unflattering tracksuit, doesn't wear makeup and generally tries to keep her attractiveness levels as low as possible. The result is that at age 24, she is still a virgin.

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  • Issei Hyodo Of 'High School DXD' Has His Own Harem
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    Issei Hyodo wants to have intercourse more than almost anything in the world, but that doesn't mean that he's actually accomplished it. His goal is to create his own personal harem, and he's certainly surrounded by plenty of women who he's wildly attracted to - and who are every bit as attracted to him - he just can't seem to make it happen. As it turns out, the reason he's never able to successfully lose his virginity is due to the trauma he endured when he was destroyed and then brought back to life at the beginning of the series. 

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    Fumika Warasono Of 'Koe de Oshigoto!' Is An Eroge Voice Actress 

    Fumika Warasono Of 'Koe de Oshigoto!' Is An Eroge Voice Actress 
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    Fumika Warasono knows how to make the sounds associated with intercourse, but she has no experience with the act itself. She works as a voice actor for an adult game company, which means that she's thoroughly researched what kinds of vocalizations are associated with the act, but she feels like she can't take her craft to the next level without some real-world experience. That's why anyone who socializes with her outside of work is going to get an earful about her virginity woes - she wants to lose it as soon as possible but isn't sure how to make it happen.

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  • Vash the Stampede Of 'Trigun' Fakes Unconsciousness To Avoid Sex
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    Vash is a tough character who has all kinds of attributes that ought to endear him to just about anyone he wanted to be intimate with. He's funny, smart, attractive, and has a massive... gun. He's also constantly flirting with women. Despite the fact that he seems like someone who has definitely done it before... he probably hasn't.

    Though never stated outright, there's good reason to believe that Vash probably hasn't had sex before. His various injuries - which have caused massive scarring - would make casual intimacy challenging at best. Besides that, he goes out of his way to avoid it - when he gets an offer from some attractive women, he pretends to be unconscious until they leave. That's some serious commitment to avoiding the act. 

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