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Which Anime Weapon Should You Use According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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Should you somehow be magically transported to the world of cartoons and thrown into a fictional anime conflict, you'll need a weapon to stay safe and fight off any enemies. Which weapon should you choose? That depends on your personality, which, of course, is determined by your astrological sign

Are you an exacting Virgo, hoping to control the details of your opponent's demise? Then the Death Note, which allows the user to determine their victim's exact cause of death, is an ideal tool. Are you a peace-loving Cancer who hates the idea of killing people? Then you might want Sesshoumaru's Tenseiga. It can heal injuries and revive the dead. Whatever your sign, there's a powerful anime weapon that's perfect for you.

  • Aries are usually hot-blooded and power-hungry and are unsatisfied with anything but the strongest of weapons. Ea, a mythical sword from Fate/Stay Night is so excessively powerful it created the entire Earth by slicing it from Heaven.

    The sword knows fundamental truths about the universe, and a chose few understand it. Gilgamesh wields Ea, and he's totally an Aries. 

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    Taureans like simple things that are extremely well made. They don't need swords that double as a laser printer or a toaster; they need good, reliable weapons. That's why the Claymore, which appears in an anime of the same name, is ideal.

    An unknown metal makes up the sword; it's so hard that nothing can dent it. Claymore never gets dull or loses sharpness. In fact, no malfunction can befall the weapon. Its effectiveness depends entirely on the skill of the wielder.

    And when a Taurus wants to build up their skill in something, they put in the work.

  • Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, from Soul Eater, is a member of a clan that can transform into whatever weapon they choose. The catch is the weaponized clan members can't wield themselves; they need a talented fighter to release their power. Given the versatile nature and unparalleled communication skills of Geminis, they would certainly be great with this Soul Eater tool.

    To effectively wield Tsubaki, the user must communicate with her fluidly, change plans on the fly, and shift from weapon to weapon in rapid succession. For some signs, this would feel like utter chaos, but for a Gemini it's ideal.

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    Cancers are natural pacifists who prefer to heal rather than hurt, so the best weapon is often no weapon. But there are some weapons that can effectively harness the water sign's caring energy. The Tenseiga, for example, is a yokai sword that belongs to Sesshoumaru in Inuyasha. It cannot harm living beings, but can be extremely effective against the undead. It also holds the power to resurrect the dead and heal injuries.

    Sesshoumaru doesn't fully appreciate this sword, and envies his brother, Inuyasha, for receiving the Tessaiga, which is far more effective at killing.