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Which Anime Weapon Should You Use According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated October 29, 2018 19.9k views12 items

Should you somehow be magically transported to the world of cartoons and thrown into a fictional anime conflict, you'll need a weapon to stay safe and fight off any enemies. Which weapon should you choose? That depends on your personality, which, of course, is determined by your astrological sign

Are you an exacting Virgo, hoping to control the details of your opponent's demise? Then the Death Note, which allows the user to determine their victim's exact cause of death, is an ideal tool. Are you a peace-loving Cancer who hates the idea of killing people? Then you might want Sesshoumaru's Tenseiga. It can heal injuries and revive the dead. Whatever your sign, there's a powerful anime weapon that's perfect for you.

  • Many Leos are flashy and love to show off. And there's no better way to flex than with a sword so big it utterly dwarves its human wielder. Panther Lily from Fairy Tail wields the Bustermarm, a powerful sword that can cut through almost anything, including solid earth and iron.

    A Leo would love it. Plus, the Bustermarm is incredibly feline, just like this sign's signature animal - the lion.

  • Photo: Madhouse

    Virgos can be a little controlling. The trait isn't necessarily bad; this Earth sign just has specific ideas about how things should be. While not every Virgo is morbid enough to want a Death Note, Light Yagami's weapon in Death Note, it's the perfect tool for people who need to off some enemies. When a person's name appears in the Death Note, the victim dies of a heart attack within 40 seconds unless the writer specifies a different time or cause.

    The Death Note also allows the wielder to control the victim's actions up until the point of death. This level of control deeply appeals to Virgo sensibilities. 

  • In Black Butler, Grim Reapers typically wield Death Scythes. These formidable blades harvest the souls of people the Reapers deem ready for death. Libras would appreciate the Death Scythe; they value fairness and balance and would only end the life of someone ready to expire.

    Oh, and the Death Scythe doubles as a melee weapon, so when the Air sign is done balancing the scales, they can start fighting. Some of the scythes even look like chainsaws, appealing to the sign's offbeat sense of style.

  • Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Murasame 

    Photo: White Fox

    The Murasame belongs to the title character in Akame ga Kill! It takes the form of a long katana, but there's more to this weapon than its construction. Imbued with a fatal poison, the blade can paralyze the heart the instant it pierces a victim's skin. Unless an antidote is applied immediately, a swift death is imminent. The wielder can also cut themselves with the Murasame, creating a short burst of extreme power in exchange for incurable chronic pain for the rest of their lives.

    Many signs wouldn't be comfortable with these dark trade-offs, but some Scorpios deal in danger, making the terrifying Mursame their perfect weapon.