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15 Great Anime Romances With Grown-Up Couples

Updated 15 Nov 2019 13.9k votes 3.8k voters 116.1k views15 items

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If you starting watching anime to learn about the intricacies of romance, you might think new relationships are reserved for teenagers. In reality, adults' romantic lives can be every bit as dramatic and interesting. While relationships between teenagers can make wonderful stories, sometimes viewers want something a little different - especially grown-up anime fans who want to watch something they can personally relate to.

Luckily, there are a handful of great anime romances that focus primarily on adults. Yuri!!! On ICE tells the story of two professional ice skaters in their 20s who fall in love, while Love is Hard For an Otaku focuses on two nerdy office workers developing a relationship. While many of these shows feature realistic settings, some - like Spice and Wolf - feature the relationship between a 25-year-old trader and an ancient harvest wolf goddess. So there's certainly something out there for everyone. 

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