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13 Great Anime That Had Terrible Second Seasons

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It's always exciting to see your favorite show get a second season, but joy can quickly turn to dismay if it ends up being awful. Anime with bad second seasons are worse than series that end on unresolved cliffhangers. If a show is canceled before its time, fans can spend the rest of their lives imagining a thrilling conclusion that never was, but there's little to be done about a subpar second attempt.

Some horrible follow-ups fail to expand upon previously established lore, which usually results in a lot of asinine wheel-spinning. While the first season of Psycho-Pass presents some fascinating philosophical questions, Season 2 is basically a rehash of old ideas, so there's little there for long-time fans to enjoy. Other series, such as Rurouni Kenshinfail because they stray too far from the original source material. Not every great show needs a follow-up, as more content leaves additional room for failure.