14 Anime With The Best Fashion

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Have you ever been mindlessly binging an anime series, only to be suddenly struck with the realization that the characters' outfits are super stylish? If you answered yes, then you're not the only one. Anime has a wide array of fashion, from cool looks that are fun to cosplay, to outfits that feel like they're ready for the runway.

One of the perks of being an animated character is that basically anything can look good on you. Since there's not technically anything underneath your clothing, you can make even the most outlandishly shaped garments look like they were tailor-made for you (since they probably were). While most of the best fashion in anime is theoretically achievable in real life, a few of the craziest outfits can only exist in a fantasy world (let's be real, nobody but Sakura can pull off the Cardcaptor look). 

If you like eccentric accessories, classic Japanese stylings, or clothing lines that are ripped straight from a shoujo, you're bound to enjoy the outfits of the genre's most fashion-forward characters. 

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    Paradise Kiss
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    One of the greatest examples of anime with amazing fashion sense is Paradise Kiss. The show revolves around a straight-laced high school student who stumbles upon a whole new world when she encounters a group of fashion designers. There are tons of stylish pieces to catch your eye in each episode, and Paradise Kiss is one of the only series that centers on characters who actually work in the fashion industry.

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    Nana is a breathtakingly dramatic and beautiful anime about two girls with the same name ("Nana") but opposite personalities who come together and change each other's lives forever. Each episode of the show features two new and totally opposing senses of style, which makes for a fun change of pace. Nana O. is a rock singer who wears punk clothing, and the other Nana (known as "Hachi" to her friends) wears stereotypically girly outfits. The series features everything you could want in a dramatic, fashion-focused anime: friendship, love, heartbreak, phenomenally complex characters, and unique clothing choices.  

  • Princess Jellyfish
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    If you love fashion in anime, then Princess Jellyfish is a must-see. The series features tons of different styles, and even ends with a massive a fashion show. Princess Jellyfish highlights both inner and outer beauty of all kinds, and blends a good story with beautifully eccentric fashion choices. 

  • Cardcaptor Sakura
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    Cardcaptor Sakura is an obviously fashion-forward anime. In basically every episode, Sakura wears a uniquely beautiful outfit, which makes for plenty of cosplay fodder. She isn't the only one with awesome fashion, as basically all the main characters are decked out from head to toe in absolutely stunning garb.