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11 Anime That Incorporate Hip Hop

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When most people think about anime soundtracks, hip hop probably isn't the first genre that comes to mind. Japan does have a hip hop scene, but it's not something that makes its way into anime all that often. But anime with rap soundtracks and hip hop themes do exist. 

Perhaps the most famous among them is Samurai Champloo, an anime that blends samurai imagery with a hip hop soundtrack. There are also shows like Megalo Box and Devilman Crybaby that use rapping characters to underscore the series' themes, as well as shows with actual hip hop artists, like Beck, Tokyo Tribe 2, and, believe it or not, Naruto. Most of these series are wholly Japanese in origin, but Afro Samurai, which features a soundtrack by a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, is a collaboration between Japanese and American artists. There's also The Boondocks, which is completely American and therefore not technically an anime, but which uses anime style to depict hip hop themes. 

Each of these examples of hip hop in anime has something to recommend it, so play the videos, and enjoy some sick bars. 

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