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15 Anime With Stupid Plots That We Love Anyways

Not every anime has to be smart, logical, or sophisticated to be awesome. Actually, anime with stupid plots can be truly enjoyable. Stupid doesn't have to mean bad - it can mean ridiculous, weird, and even extremely creative. Let's give it up for some of the best anime with stupid plots.

These silly shows include Keijo!!!!!!!!, an anime about young women who play a sport that involves pushing each other into the water using powerful butt and boob based attacks, and Ben-To, which focuses on intense battles with discounted convenience store food as the prize. There's also Date a Live, a show in which a boy saves the world from destruction by making malevolent spirits fall in love with him, and a show called Onara Goro which involves life advice dispensed by a sentient fart.

There's a lot of weird stuff in the world of anime, but that's why we love it. Which stupid anime are your favorites?

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    Date a Live is a popular series, in part because its premise is so out there. Shidou Itsuka is responsible for saving the world. How is he going to do it? By tracking down the Spirits responsible for its destruction, and neutralizing them by getting them to fall in love with him. Is this a thinly veiled excuse for a harem anime? Probably, but who cares! It's a lot of fun, plus the character development is actually pretty good.

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  • When Seiya Kanie is asked out on what he thinks is a date, he's flattered - but when he's forced at gunpoint to become the manager of a failing amusement park, he's extremely annoyed. Despite those feelings, he ends up taking the job. Why? Because if the amusement park fails to attract 500,000 visitors in the next three months, it will be shut down - and being shut down could be fatal to the park's employees. They can't survive without the feelings of joy that their visitors generate, and while some of them might be able to find work elsewhere, others will languish.

    It's a silly show in which you'll get truly invested in the fate of, for example, a giant wrench with a face. 

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  • If you're shopping for food, it's always nice to get a good discount - assuming, of course, that the food in question is still edible.

    In the world of Ben-To, it's more than nice - discounted bento are a highly revered prize that only the strong have access to. You Satou is inadvertently dragged into this strange new world when he tries to buy a half-price bento, only to be knocked unconscious in the process. To gain access to the precious food, he starts training under Sen Yarizui, a champion bento brawler who is rarely forced to give up her prize.

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    If you like Keijo!!!!!!!!, it might be kind of difficult to explain it to other people - but despite its bizarre premise, it's actually totally charming. The titular sport requires participants to push their opponents off of a platform and into the water, using only their butts and their breasts.

    The fan service is in full effect, but because the characters are adults, it's not as skeevy as it otherwise could be and is actually pretty enjoyable. What's more, it progresses just like a typical sports anime might be - except instead of special basketball moves, it's "t*tty hypnosis." 

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