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Anime With The Most Annoying Fanbases

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For some reason or another, the shows on this list possess fanbases that inspire everything from eye-rolling to ardent rejection. Like many other nerdy shows, the anime with the most annoying fanbases are diverse in genre, including the likes of shonen, ecchi, and yaoi. The antics of these fans turn many away from certain franchises, just to avoid dealing with rabid devotees. Maybe it's the fan who insists anime of the '90s is far superior to anything produced in the last few years. Or maybe it's that 14-year-old kid insisting Sword Art Online is the best thing to ever happen, ever.

Though it’s unfair to judge an entire fanbase on the behaviors of a fraction at the end of the day, you just can’t help but inwardly (and maybe outwardly) groan at the sight of their profile pics and cosplays.