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Anime With The Most Gorgeous Train Station Scenes

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Whether on another planet or just in another country, decades in the past or far into the future, beautiful anime train station scenes entrance viewers all across the genre. Dreamy train station scenes in anime leave you with that tingling, wistful feeling of a journey about to be taken. As a picturesque and quaint form of travel, beautiful anime train station scenes allow the illustrators to flex their skills, depicting beautiful hills, oceans, and urban landscapes rolling by. Furthermore, a train's movement from one destination to another can symbolize a character's own growth, and the tranquility of a train car allows them peace in which to mull over their evolution.

Train stations have transfixed anime creators for quite some time, from the space operas of the '70s and '80s like Galaxy Express and Night On The Galactic Railroad to modern "slice of life" classics like Your Lie In April. In fact, train scenes have become such a staple there are even entire photoblogs dedicated purely to the depiction of travel in anime. Coupled with an anime's unique animation style, anime train scenes can be just as engaging, and as emotional, as any combat or death scenes in a series.

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