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17 Anime With The Most Diehard Fans

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There are people who like anime, and then there are diehard anime fans. A casual anime fan watches their favorite series and movies in their spare time. Committed fans create their own fanfiction, video games, and even live-action movies for their shows. Although many misconceptions about anime fans exist, no one can ever question the passion they have for their shows.

You have to give it to the most hardcore kinds of anime fans, whether they're creating unbelievably creative cosplay or using their imaginations to expand on the established continuity, intense anime fan bases work hard to bring the worlds of their heroes to life. So, this list is not just about the anime fans that defend their shows the hardest on social media or at conventions. It's about how much love these franchises are shown around the world and the lifestyles, projects, and (occasional) protests that go along with being a devoted fan. Let's explore the anime with the most passionate fans.