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15 Anime With Unusual Takes On The Afterlife

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In anime, the story isn't always over when the protagonist's life is. In fact, there are plenty of great anime about life after death. While some of these afterlife anime have traditional heaven and hell set-ups, others get very creative. For example, take Death Parade, where living mannequins force the dead to play a physically and emotionally torturous game designed to draw out their inner nature and help said mannequins judge whether they should be reincarnated or obliterated.

Sound a little too gritty? Try DBZ, where reincarnation happens so frequently that death is basically meaningless, and dead fighters get their very own personal martial arts tournament. Want something trippy? Check out Cat Soup, where a humanoid kitten must retrieve his older sister's soul from a bodhisattva, a quest that somehow involves elephants made entirely out of water.

Whatever your tastes, you're sure to find something on this list of unusual takes on the afterlife that suits them. Vote up the anime that have the whackiest and weirdest takes on life after living. 

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