Anime Words - How to Speak Anime

Anime words and manga language - this list of manga words and anime slang will help you in better understanding anime, even anime in english. Translate manga phrases for your friends or impress your girlfriend with your anime translations. Because nothing says love like 'kawaii!'

  • Nani?
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    It basically means "what" and is said all the time. What's funny is how it's said, with a high pitch towards the end. There are also various forms of Nani because of the way the Japanese language is structured, but it carries the same meaning.
  • Baka!
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    There is always a character in anime who acts stupid, or a character who thinks he's the s**t. Therefore, this word always comes up and it's always uttered with strong emphasis because it means idiot. Sometimes, the speaker will shout it many times over with squinted eyes just to express discontent and anger: baka baka (> <) baka bakaaa!
  • Oi!
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    This word is kind of slang, it's the anime version of the American word "aye." It's the informal way of saying hello from one male character to another, especially to catch the attention of that person.
  • Oishii
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    "Oishii desu!" = that food was delicious! Though these are fictional characters, they become very lively when they eat, whatever it is, because everything is delicious to them. As they devour their food, plate after plate, they become perky. Take Goku, for example, he eats a mountain of food and when he finishes, he exclaims "Oishii!"
  • Kawaii
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    Every school drama in an anime series has this word spoken, usually by a female character. It's meaning is cute and the way it's said is cute as well with a high pitched elongated "iiiii!"
  • Ohayou
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    Good Morning! The start of the day in Japanese anime always starts with "Ohayou," because it shows politeness. Plus it just sounds awesome. There's a kick in that word instead of plain-o boring "good morning." You can now talk to the cartoons you want to be friends of. Should be all you need, because they mostly speak in fighting. Are you ready?