Celebrities TMI Facts About Ann Coulter's Sex Life  

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Quite possibly one of the most despised women in America, Ann Coulter has carved a name for herself as a political pundit out for blood. Simultaneously embodying both an image of a sexless and a sex-crazed symbol of conservative politics, Coulter has never strayed from the provocative. Her intense grip on sexual politics have caused many to speculate about her own sex life. And after the initial shudder from the thought of what Coulter could be conquering with her boyfriend or lover in the bedroom, you try your hardest to forget you even considered researching the topic. Luckily for you and mentally scarring for future readers, we have gathered a collective list of all of Coulter's dirty, NSFW details.

Despite her unyielding stance on traditional marriage, Coulter has led an interesting life of sexual singledom, deviating from a married homestead in favor of dating around or "playing the field." When you look deep into Coulter's sex life and the image she provides of her sex life on screen, things don't seem to add up. All the ingredients for a wild romp are there, but so is the potential for the thrall of a vampiress. Since she has had so much to say about everyone else's modern love affairs, here is your ticket to some TMI facts about Ann Coulter's sex life.

But She Has Made Out With One

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In 2007, Coulter began a short-lived relationship with Andrew Stein, the former president of the New York City Council. But best of all, Stein is a known LIBERAL Democrat. In a moment of true Romeo & Juliet-esque forbidden love, Coulter and Stein became a celebrity couple that turned heads for more reasons than one. Whether or not the two sealed the deal is unknown, but the whirlwind love shack became dire and ended rather abruptly. When asked what happened, Stein cited "irreconcilable differences."

She Has A Huge Gay Fanbase

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Hardly a friend to the gay community, Coulter curiously has a lot of gay friends. The Republican firecracker has sparked controversy for her continual denouncement of gay marriage and gay sex (and rather crudely, at that). But at the same time, Coulter manages to sport a very large gay posse. For many gay Republicans, Coulter represents a safe haven within the community, and for others, self-loathing.

Yes, There Is Ann Coulter Erotic Fan Fiction

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There seems to be erotic fan fiction for just about anything you can think of these days. However, many were deeply praying and hoping that Coulter was off limits. Unfortunately, she isn't. And in fact, Coulter has inspired a very unique subset of celebrity fanfic. (Perhaps it goes without saying, but that link leads to some very NSFW content.)