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"Anna Karenina" movie quotes provide dialogue to the 2012 film adaptation of the Russian novel published in the 1870s by Leo Tolstoy. The period drama film premiered at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival prior to its November 2012 release in the United Kingdom and United States. Academy Award winner Tom Stoppard penned the screenplay.

In "Anna Karenina," Keira Knightley portrays the title character, a beautiful young woman who at the age of 18 married high-ranking government official Alexei Karenin (Jude Law) in order to advance them both within the Russian social standings in the 1870s. In an effort to help her brother with his own adulterous trouble, Anna stumbles upon Count Vronsky (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), a young cavalry officer, and an immediate spark ignites.

An affair between Anna and Vronsky follows, some of which occurs in the public eye. This creates a snowball effect that destroys the reputation of both Anna and Alexei, especially in that though Anna pushes him away, Vronsky refuses to leave her alone out of his undying love. The film provides a commentary on love, lust and the consequences of both.

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    You Can't Ask Why in Love

    Count Vronsky: "I love you."
    Anna Karenina: "Why?"
    Count Vronsky: "You can't ask why in love."

    When Anna asks County Vronsky exactly why he is in love with her, he brings up a very good point. Often in love there is something intangible, something you cannot name, that attracts one person to the next making it impossible to answer the question of why.
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    Misery and Greatest Happiness

    Misery and Greatest Happiness
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    Anna Karenina: "This must stop. If you have any thought for me you will give me back my peace."
    Count Vronsky: "There can be no peace for us only misery and greatest happiness."

    Though Anna urges Count Vronsky to leave her (and her husband) alone, he refuses stating that if they cannot be in love together then they must hurt equally instead.
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    Dance With Me

    Dance With Me
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    Count Vronsky: "Dance with me"
    Anna Karenina: "I'm not used to be spoken to like that by a man I met once at a railway station."
    Count Vronsky: "I dare say but if I'm not to dance with you I'm getting out of this operetta and going home."
    Anna Karenina: "Then for goodness sake"

    Care of one dance, two near strangers go from being just that to feeling an electric spark between the two of them, the very seeds from which love grows.
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    Improper Conduct

    Improper Conduct
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    Alexei Karenin: "I have to tell you..."
    Anna Karenina: "Yes?"
    Alexei Karenin: "I have to tell you, you behaved improperly today."
    Anna Karenina: "How is that?"
    Alexei Karenin: "By making plain your feeling by when one of the riders fell. Your conduct was improper. It must not occur again. I have said it before. You will say my concern is unnecessary and ridiculous. You are my wife. I am wrong to think that. Yes? Perhaps I was mistaken?"
    Anna Karenina: "No, you were not mistaken. I love him. I am his mistress."

    The crap finally hits the fan between Alexei and Anna when he confronts her about her improper behavior. It's at this point that Anna finally admits to him of her affair and that she does in fact love this other man.
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    Married But Not Love

    Married But Not Love
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    Anna Karenina: "I was 18 when I got married but it was not love."

    Anna explains the reasoning behind why she married Alexei Karenin at such a young age. Spoiler: They didn't marry because they were madly in love but more for the fact that it would look really great in the public eye.
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    Alexei Karenin: "I must warn you about something."
    Anna Karenina: "Warn me?"
    Alexei Karenin: "You may by indiscretion give the world occasion to talk about you."

    Alexei attempts to give wife Anna a gentle warning about her very public tryst with another man, noting that just like when they married, every move she makes is being watched by the public.
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