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22 Anna Kendrick Memes That Made Us Love Her Even More

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Anna Kendrick has been a Hollywood staple for years now making her name in modern classics like Pitch Perfect, Up In The Air, and Into The Woods. However, off-screen is where she really shines, because she is straight-up hilarious. Her wit always comes through in interviews, and on her social media. What can we say, the girl is amazing at Twitter. These are the best Anna Kendrick memes we could find. 

  • 1. By Far The Best Person On The Internet

    Photo: Anna Kendrick / AwwMemes
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  • 2. Dream Big

    Photo: Reuto / Memedroid
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  • 3. Wait That Was Me?

    Photo: Abbi Headrick / Pinterest
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  • 4. It's Harder Than It Looks

    Photo: AwwMemes
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