Total Nerd Watch The Trailer For Natalie Portman's Creepy New Movie "Annihilation"  

Mick Jacobs

In her latest film, Natalie Portman learns the hard way why you never mix business with pleasure. The latest trailer for Annihilation shows Portman working as a biologist whose husband is dangerously caught up in his work.

When her husband falls ill after making contact with a strange zone of energy called "The Shimmer," Portman's character decides to go inside to get to the

She is joined by a fellow team of scientists, all of whom are women. As they explore an uninhabitable, mysteriously contaminated and truly alien landscape, the team starts to suspect that whatever's behind Area X might not be seeking to destroy but to recreate.

Watch the trailer below to see exactly what this team is facing in Annihilation, the eagerly anticipated adaptation of the bestselling novel by Jeff VanderMeer.