The Most Annoying Anime Characters of All Time

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It doesn't matter whether you watch your anime dubbed or subbed; sooner or later you're going to encounter that one character that you just can't stand. Below we rank the most annoying anime characters of all time, regardless of genre or language. One aspect that you're voting on is the voice. Annoying anime voices can be found in both English dubbed and subbed anime, but sometimes one version of a character (usually the English) is much more annoying than the other. For example, the English dubbed version of Naruto is generally considered to be way more annoying than it's Japanese counterpart.

The best part about this poll is that it's open to additions, so if you have an anime character that you just can't stand, please add them to the list! These are the characters that non-anime fans hear and say "wow that's why I will never watch anime. Think characters like Gecho Moria and his annoying laugh, or Shippo from Inuyasha.
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