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The 16 Most Annoying Laughs In Anime History

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One Piece is probably the most notorious show when it comes to annoying anime laughs - which is why it appears three times on this list. But while the Shololololos and Kishishishis of this shonen giant are definitely worth noting, there are other shows with characters whose laughs make you wish you had some industrial strength earplugs. Livebearer from Toriko not only sounds horrendous, but he also laughs while drooling and rotating his rootlike tongue. Cell from Dragon Ball Z laughs like an unenthusiastic vampire while barely moving his mouth. 

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  • Video: YouTube

    Sounds like: Kishishishishishi

    Gekko Moriah is the captain of the Thriller Bark Pirates, and his laugh is an honest-to-god travesty. He sounds like a dog who swallowed a deflating mattress. Even worse, it's an earworm - you won't be able to forget the sound long after the scene is over. 

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  • Video: YouTube

    Sounds like: Ohohohoho!

    Renge isn't the originator of the Noblewoman's Laugh, but she definitely popularized it. While her laugh completely fits her demanding, in-your-face personality, it's not exactly pleasant to listen to literally every time she appears. 

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    Caesar Clown - 'One Piece'

    Video: YouTube

    Sounds like: SHOLOLOLOLOLO

    Ever wanted to watch what looks like a Homestuck character wearing an ugly bathrobe twirl around the room trilling the most irritating laugh in the world as he talks about his evil plans? If you've seen One Piece, then too late, you already have. Caesar Clown is a mad scientist who takes pride in the harm he causes to others via his experiments and inventions, so it makes sense that he has an equally mad laugh to match.

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    Kodachi Kuno - 'Ranma 1/2'

    Video: YouTube

    Sounds like: HOhohoho! HOhohoho!

    Kodachi Kuno is a gymnast and martial artist who is in love with Ranma and wants to marry him. Ranma is totally indifferent to her, so she tries to get his attention through violent means. She does this while yodeling like a badger. 

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