The Most Annoying Players In Every 'Call Of Duty' Game

Multiplayer rounds in the Call of Duty series are endlessly fun FPS action when everyone's playing as the game intended. This list is not about those people. In fact, it is about people who are literally the opposite. When players decide they are not going to play the game in the way the game designers intended, it's annoying. These are the types of Call of Duty players who ruin multiplayer game. Take a look at our list of annoying Call of Duty players and vote up the ones you think are the worst!

The classic team-killer is still a problem these days, and though it could be fixed by simply turning friendly fire off, that would hurt the realism. But when you're dealing with jerks who seem to find this practice fun, you might be willing to try anything. Hackers and exploiters always find a way to ruin the fun, and somehow the reasons why elude us. 

So take a look at our list of Call of Duty players who are annoying, vote up the worst ones, whether they're ruining multiplayer matches in

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    The Child Who Keeps Screeching In Your Ear

    This one really doesn't need much explanation. Children are the reason why most adults simply don't activate voice chat. Children are the worst. But the thirteen year old who just won't stop talking/yelling/anything? He needs to go
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    The Actual Hacker

    There's cheating, and then there's hacking, which is like cheating but more technically accomplished. Real hackers are doubly infuriating because "hack" is called so often when it's not real that when it actually happens, no one's really paying attention because they're just used to hearing "hack" now. 
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    The Voice Chat Musician

    Jerks who want to hijack the voice chat usually do so by putting the microphone up to a speaker and blasting EDM. They should be drawn and quartered or at the very least tarred and feathered. They are a piles of human garbage. 
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    The Team-Killer

    Rather obvious, this one. When someone on your own team decides they aren't playing this game anymore and kill you and your teammates. Sort of puts a damper on the whole thing. Go figure -- team-killing makes it hard to enjoy playing the game. 
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    The Shotgun Camper

    Campers are awful, but even more infuriating are the campers who sit in a corner of a room with their shotgun waiting for anyone to run into the room. It's there that the lazy shotgunners blast you into oblivion and there that they remain waiting for the next sprinting soldier to pass directly in front of their shotguns.
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    The Poor Sport

    Losing is a part of life. Everybody loses sometimes. This gamer cannot accept that, and spends whole rounds screaming at his teammates and throwing around all kinds of accusations about why they're losing. You can practically hear the veins in their foreheads throbbing.
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