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16 Women On The Things Guys Think Are Chivalrous But Are Actually Just Annoying

You may be surprised to learn of the things considered chivalrous that are actually annoying to women. In fact, many women find chivalry in general to be a huge pain. Not because they're ungrateful, or because they're killjoys trying to ruin everybody else's good time. No, many women abhor these annoying chivalrous things because they separate a woman from her autonomy, making her an "other" incapable of everyday tasks. Though it might go against everything you may have learned growing up, understand please, boys, that gentlemen do cringeworthy stuff all the time without ever realizing women find it more obnoxious than Axe body spray.

The women of Reddit have plenty to say on the subject. Chivalrous gestures women hate include everything from censoring yourself because "a lady's present," to actually starting fights with other men in the name of a woman's "honor," oblivious to the fact she may not want to start a conflict. Guys, if you want to improve your luck with the ladies be a decent human being towards everyone, get rid of these obnoxious qualities. Chivalry is dead because it's outlived its purpose.

  • Just Chivalry In General

    From worried19:


    They don't do those things with me (thank God), but I hate the idea of any type of behavior that puts women into the category of needing special care or protection. I can take care of myself. I'm not delicate, and I'm not some freaking princess. I can lift my own sh*t and open my own doors. I don't want gendered anything in my relationship. Just treat me the same as you would another guy."

  • Elderly Men Giving Up Seats To Young Healthy Women

    From lentil5:

    "When senior men stand up to give me a seat or open a door for me. Dude, I'm young and able-bodied. You deserve the seat. I will open the door for you. I appreciate the gesture and politeness but I feel like being elderly deserves more consideration and deference than being a woman."

  • Taking Things Out Of Women's Hands

    From bluepandadog:

    "Coming up behind me and plucking an item from my hand and putting it back or grabbing the item I am reaching for and handing it to me. It startles me and I dislike when anyone is that close to me other than my SO."

  • Lighting A Woman's Cigarette Without Asking

    From GhotiGhongersCustard:

    "Lighting a woman's cigarette. It's not a bad thing to do, but a lot of guys will do it without warning. It's particularly annoying, not to mention dangerous, when I'm driving and suddenly - BOOM - there's fire in my face."