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The Most Annoying Things Couples Do

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List RulesIs it because the couples are actually being that annoying, or because you're still single?

Being in love is great. Everyone (eventually) wants to be in a happy, loving, and committed relationship. However, there are a number of things that couples do that can be quite annoying – especially to single people. What do you think are the most annoying things couples do?

Most of these things are harmless, and if we're being quite honest, actually adorable. But that doesn't mean we aren't still going to complain about them with our other single friends. Below are some of the most annoying things couples do. Vote up the ones that grind your gears the most, and vote down the ones you don't notice so much.
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    Spoon Feeding Each Other In Public

    I would almost rather you just start making out. Where are her hands? What is wrong with them? Oh, nothing? Then, you are gross.
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    Excessively Writing On Each Other's Facebook Walls

    Excessively Writing On Each Other's Facebook Walls
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    Unfortunately, this isn't even acceptable for long distance relationships. Of course, it is far more acceptable than a couple who gets to see each other all the time. But the majority of your conversations should be on the phone or on Skype. There is nothing intimate or romantic about trying to keep your connection strong on a public platform.
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    Sometimes it can be really romantic and cute. But there is a difference between leaning over at dinner to kiss your partner and blatantly groping one another at 10 AM in a coffee shop. People are trying to eat.
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    Sharing Inside Jokes While With A Group

    Yep. Nope. We weren't there. Have no idea what you guys are talking about. Thanks for making this awkward though!
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