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The Most Annoying Things Couples Do

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List RulesIs it because the couples are actually being that annoying, or because you're still single?

Being in love is great. Everyone (eventually) wants to be in a happy, loving, and committed relationship. However, there are a number of things that couples do that can be quite annoying – especially to single people. What do you think are the most annoying things couples do?

Most of these things are harmless, and if we're being quite honest, actually adorable. But that doesn't mean we aren't still going to complain about them with our other single friends. Below are some of the most annoying things couples do. Vote up the ones that grind your gears the most, and vote down the ones you don't notice so much.
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    Involving Other People In Arguments

    The only thing worse than having to be in the presence of a fighting couple is having to take a side. I would prefer to stay out of this one – especially because you two are probably fighting about something other than what you're ACTUALLY fighting about.
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    Assuming The Opposite Sex Is Always Hitting On Them, And Immediately Getting Defensive

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    Just because your boyfriend thinks you are God's gift to Earth doesn't mean that everyone of the opposite sex automatically does. This stranger just might be trying to talk to you or ask you a question – not hitting on you. 
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    Finding A Way To Bring Their SO's Name Up In Every Conversation

    It just reinforces to your friend what they already know: while you two talk, you are really only thinking about your significant other. Try to be present in this conversation, please. My world does not revolve around your relationship. Yours probably shouldn't either.
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    Making Their Relationship Sound Perfect To Their Friends

    Who are you trying to fool here? That doesn't make me envious of your relationship – it makes me skeptical. 
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