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The Most Annoying Celebrity Couples

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List RulesList only includes couples that are currently an item. On-again, off-again couples are okay unless they have permanently broken up or started dating someone else.

Everyday, we're forced to hear news about annoying celebrity couples - what they’re doing, what they had for lunch, whether they prefer Pete’s or The Coffee Bean, etc. Sure, it's nice to watch two good-looking people fall for each other, but at some point, enough is enough. Take a look at this list of annoying celebrity couples who just need to stop, and rank them by how incredibly obnoxious they are!

Maybe these annoying famous couples fell in love on set and forced us to hear about it for months while they promoted the movie, or they just can't stop posting kissing pics on Instagram. Whatever the case, it's time for couples like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel or Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to give it a rest. We get it, you love each other.

Some of the annoying celebrities on this list are really cute together and it’s great, but they just need to turn it down a notch. Whether they’re working on hit TV shows together or making out at every movie premiere they get invited to, these couples just don't seem to understand that we can only stand so much. We get it, Demi Lovato. Wilmer Valderrama is the love of your life. Stop rubbing it in our faces.

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