The Most Insufferable Extroverted Characters on TV

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Extroverts aren't all bad and sometimes their bold, outgoing nature is an asset to social situations and work environments. However, some extroverts can be a bit much, especially if you're on the more withdrawn, introverted side of the spectrum. Because quirky personalities and over-the-top characters sell, there is no shortage of annoying extroverted TV characters. Such characters have an insatiable need to relate to others, talk through their every thought, and constantly connect. Some fictional extroverts can be funny and charming, sure, but the worst of the bunch are emotionally needy and - frankly - just plain annoying. 

From ESFPs to ENTPs to ESTPs and onward, television runs the gamut of the extroversion. Sometimes, it gets old. Some fictional extroverts were fun at first, but their antics lost their appeal over the course of many seasons. Fans are increasingly fatigued with the endless quirkiness of New Girl's Jessica Day and - back in the '90s - Friends enthusiasts found Phoebe's boundless enthusiasm suffered from the law of diminishing returns. Other annoying TV characters that happen to sway to the extrovert side of the spectrum were abhorred from day one. Do fans of Petyr Baelish of Game of Thrones actually exist and wasn't Grey's Anatomy's Izzie Stevens always a little too holier-than-thou for the liking? 

Keep in mind, this is all a little subjective. Those of us with extroverted qualities may find these characters more relatable than annoying. But for introverts sensitive to the overhearing nature of extroverts, many of these characters are just too much. 

Which of these extroverted characters are the worst? Vote up the characters that drive you nuts and vote down the charaacters you find (mostly) tolerable. If you know of any annoying TV characters who are extroverts, add them to the list!

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