Most Annoying 21 Signs You're the Kind of Foodie Who's Sort of a Douche  

Mel Judson
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Listen, you can enjoy making, eating, and thinking about food as much as you want, but you have to be self-aware of the parts of your personality others find annoying to the nth degree. So here's a brutally honest list for foodies who need to check themselves, or a utility for those who need to tell the douchier foodies they know "Hey, maybe dial it back a little."

Everyone who cooks at home is guilty of getting up their own ass about their method (or technique, or steez) so don't think of this list as a hatchet job. This comes from a place of love, even if you do each and every one of these things. If it weren't for you, we'd all still be eating like savages or wild animals. But the thing is, you gotta remember to keep your culture amongst yourselves. Think of the kitchen as your BDSM dungeon. That said, get in on the action - vote up all the signs you're an annoying foodie. Own it with pride. 

There are no secrets here. These are all the things foodies who might actually be really great chefs, but are maybe a slight bit douchey, do. Vote and share this with love, not hate. Remember: foodies work really hard for almost no reason. It's all for love. Take in each and every one of these signs you're a douchey food lover, then get back to roasting your garlic heads.

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Everything You Make Is from Scratch, Even If It Doesn't Need to Be

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You List Every Ingredient in Every Meal Instead of Just Telling People What it Is

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You Talk About How You Seasoned the Meal Throughout the Meal

28 41
You Cook Meals for Nine More People Than You Need to Every Time You Cook

31 49
Your Friends Ask for Your Food Recommendations but Never Ask You to Eat with Them

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You Literally Never Do the Dishes After You Cook

26 45
You Watch Chopped and Know *Exactly* What to Do

27 49
You Watch Master Chef and Tell Whoever Will Listen What You Would Do Differently

23 43
Your Thanksgiving Ritual Is Ridiculous

26 57
You Balk at Using Tupperware Because Reheating Would Ruin the Dish

19 48
You Force People to Try Your Food at Every Step of the Process

16 45
The Things You Love to Cook Require Accent Marks You Have to Google

16 47
You Know 10 Different Types of Olive Oil

15 46
You Watch Top Chef and Think You'll Be on it Some Day

13 49
You've Watched Every Anthony Bourdain Show and You Can Tell the Difference Between Them All

14 53
You're a Human Nightmare at Brunch

13 55
Every Dish You Invent Requires a Reduction

11 49
You Have Special Plates for Meals that Require Sauce

10 47
You Have at Least Seven Different Types of Makers

9 48
You Don't Serve Vegetables Without Some Weird Glaze

9 54
You Own a Pasta Maker and Use it Regularly (and Poorly)