15 Things Your Boyfriend THINKS You Do Just to Piss Him Off

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Let's be clear: being guilty of any one of these things isn't bad, nor does it make you a bad girlfriend. Everyone is different, communication styles vary, and so much of what you mean gets lost in translation. People get tired, they're needy, and timing is everything. Heaven knows there's a vast array of things boyfriends can do to make you angry. But there are also things you do to make him angry. Like really, really angry. Or, if not angry, resentful enough for repercussions to bleed into your relationship like oil from a spill washing ashore days later. Try any one of these things and its headache city with the old ball and chain. 

Here's the thing, though: lots of these things are unintentional, and not something you really do to your bf; rather, they're things that happen, for whatever reason, be it a miscommunication, your boy not wanting to be bothered, his unspoken desire to be taken care of like a wittle baby (remember, you are doting motherly saint and fulfiller of all sexual fantasies), or a violation of a bf boundary you haven't discovered yet.

Anyway, fancy words aside, these are some sure fire ways to piss your boyfriend off.