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The Most Annoying Halo Characters Ever

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A list of the worst Halo characters ever developed, as ranked by the gamers who've played as the Master Chief for years. The Halo games have no shortage of characters. Yeah, the hero is a super-soldier who doesn't talk much, but he has plenty of friends and enemies. Some of them just aren't very good characters, however. Sometimes it's their voices. Sometimes it's the writing. And sometimes, well, they're just awful in ways you can't really put your finger on. 

This list is filled with video game characters that have, over the course of the series, annoyed the heck out of us. They're out of touch with the game, they don't really advance the plot, they talk too much, or they just get in the way. From villains to "helpful" friends, we've gone through the Halo universe and identified the characters who try our patience and are downright annoying.

Religious fanatics, a Forerunner AI, and people who are just plain bad at their jobs all appear on this list. Vote up the Halo characters who have frustrated you the most and be sure to add any that we may have missed!
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    Sniping Jackals

    Jackals are annoying, but when they get their hands on sniper rifles, they somehow manage pull off ridiculous shots over impossible distances. They just don't miss. Ever. So when you have to go through a platoon of them? Might be the most frustrating experience in all of Halo
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      Anyone Other Than You Driving A Warthog

      This is pretty much true regardless of whether you're in single or multiplayer. If it's not you, the person behind the wheel is definitely going to do it wrong, and you're going to be stuck in a Warthog that flips over and over every time it encounters an anthill.
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        Swarms and swarms of Buggers, man. They just keep coming, that's all there is to them, and in Halo: Reach, you have to deal with an endless stream of them. Ugh. 
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          Sarah Palmer

          A Spartan with insubordinate tendencies, a commander that doesn't really lead so much as bark orders, and a creation of science that generally hates science. Sarah Palmer doesn't make much sense, does she?