The Most Annoying Instagram Cliches

It’s the 21st century, and everyone is on their phones all the time. Look out your window, everything that you see has been Instagrammed. See that dog? It’s on Instagram. That stop sign? You better believe it’s on Instagram, with the Valencia filter. Despite all the same-looking stuff that’s on the smartphone photo app, there are SO MANY clichés that won’t go away no matter how many times we pray for them to. Take a break from scrolling through your phone for a few minutes, and enjoy this definitive list of the most annoying Instagram clichés.

Here are some photos that aren’t overdone on Instagram: people doing jumping jacks, chain fights, high five parties, space ship fires. Those are the things that should be clogging out Instagram feeds, not garbage like cupcakes and sunsets and inspirational quotes. Seriously, if we see another sunset on Instagram we’re going to throw our phones in the river while screaming into the ether. That probably won’t help anything, but it might feel good.

If you go through this list of annoying Instagram clichés that you are just plain sick of seeing all over your social media feeds, know that you have the power to make change. Upvote the worst kinds of Instagram pictures and help show the Instagram community that you are just plain sick of seeing vignettes of airplane wings and legs that are maybe hot dogs.

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    Please stop posting Instagram photos of your fav Starbucks beverage. We can all go there. Most of us probably work there. Posting a photo of a caramel macchiato (with extra caramel and whipped cream, LOL!) is like posting a picture of a pile of dirt.

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    Workout Selfies

    The only thing that a workout selfie proves is that you own a camera phone and work out clothes.
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    Hot Dog Legs

    We don't want to look at your filtered legs out at the beach while we're in an office bored out of our minds. How about a #nofilter shot of you working for once?

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    Inspiring Quotes

    The last thing we want to see when we open Instagram is an a quote written on a sandwich board, a Starbucks wrapper, or (heaven forbid) in your phone's notepad. In fact, if we see one more inspiring quote we're going to jump off a bridge made of pumpkin spice lattes.
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    Outfit Of The Day

    Everyone has an outfit of the day. Do you want to see your chic sweatpants and flip flops ensemble?
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    Photo: Unknown / PX Here / Public domain
    You are not studying. You've been messing with your phone for like thirty minutes right there in the library.
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