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The Most Insufferable Things Ross Geller Did On 'Friends'

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Even years after the series ended, the general public still can’t get enough of Friends. It’s one of the most successful sitcoms of all time, and all these years later it still manages to acquire major streaming service deals and attract new fans who may not even have been alive during its original run.

Each friend is, of course, lovable but flawed for different reasons. There are certainly plenty of reasons to root for Ross Geller. He’s a super-smart paleontologist with a Ph.D. from Columbia University. His high school crush on Rachel Greene turns into a love story that becomes the central storyline for the series. He was even voted the best Friends character in a 2016 poll conducted by Comedy Central.

But one of the most absurd, and at times infuriating, contradictions about Ross Geller is that for someone so intellectually brilliant, he can also be a giant, petty baby. He can also be creepy, jealous, superficial, and problematic. Here’s a rundown of some of his worst moments.

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    He Followed Elizabeth To Florida To Stop Her From Talking To Other Guys

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    When it comes to women, Ross very quickly vacillates from indifference to wild jealousy. In Season 6, he dates a 20-year-old college girl who is also his former student. In “The One With Joey’s Fridge,” Ross wrongly assumes that Elizabeth wants to go on vacation with him and he’s not happy about it. He’s enjoying his role as the older man so much that he assumes Elizabeth is madly in love with him and must be pursuing a serious relationship. 

    When Elizabeth tells him she’s actually going on spring break with her friends, Ross is initially relieved. But when he realizes that she will be partying with college guys, he immediately loses his overconfidence. Even though he claims he doesn’t want to be in a relationship, Ross behaves like a controlling boyfriend and disapproves of her revealing bathing suit. Then, he actually shows up uninvited to spring break and is seen on MTV dancing like a loser next to her. Elizabeth did not ask for this.

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    He Refused To Give Joey His Money Back Because He Won It ‘Fair And Square’

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    When Joey falls on hard times financially, Chandler makes up a game to help Joey make some money. He designs it so that no matter what move Joey makes in the “game,” Joey wins money. Unfortunately, after he acquires $1,500, Joey challenges Ross to the game, and Ross wins all of his money.

    Ross has a great job and is certainly in a position to help his friend out. But instead, he actually ends up taking money from cash-strapped Joey. “I’m sorry you lost your money,” Ross says. “But I won it fair and square.” 

    Even when Chandler tells Ross he made up the game, Ross won’t believe him and assumes Chandler just wants his money back. The egocentric Ross is at his most insufferable when it comes to always assuming he’s smarter than everyone. Even when he picks up the smallest of wins, it completely goes to his head.

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    He Made Joey And Chandler Help Pay For His Dehumidifier

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    As Ross is going through his divorce with Emily, his friends really are there for him when Joey and Chandler let him move in. But of course, Ross is a nightmare of a roommate.

    He leaves boxes everywhere, tapes over their answering machine greeting, and uses obnoxious gestures to ask them to keep the noise down. But perhaps worst of all, he actually expects Joey and Chandler to chip in on new air filters for his dehumidifier. Even though he has the best job of all of them, Ross really is that cheap.

    “The One Where Ross Moves In” really highlights how self-centered and uncooperative Ross can be. Joey and Chandler can only take so much of it before they finally ask Ross to move out.

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    He Vetoed The Notion Of Emma Having A Male Nanny

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    In “The One With the Male Nanny,” Ross and Rachel need to hire someone to look after Emma. Not only is Ross unsettled by the idea that a man named Sandy has even applied for the job, but he’s also uncomfortable that Sandy is sensitive and cries.

    Even though Sandy is extremely qualified and Rachel loves him, Ross ends up firing him... because apparently having a sensitive person caring for your daughter is a bad thing? (As though Ross himself is some picture of traditional masculinity.)

    Ross, of course, ends up confiding in Sandy that his dad gave him a hard time about liking dinosaurs more than sports. But it’s disappointing that someone as smart as Ross can succumb to archaic ideas of hegemonic masculinity and implied homophobia.

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