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The Most Insufferable Things Ross Geller Did On 'Friends'

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Even years after the series ended, the general public still can’t get enough of Friends. It’s one of the most successful sitcoms of all time, and all these years later it still manages to acquire major streaming service deals and attract new fans who may not even have been alive during its original run.

Each friend is, of course, lovable but flawed for different reasons. There are certainly plenty of reasons to root for Ross Geller. He’s a super-smart paleontologist with a Ph.D. from Columbia University. His high school crush on Rachel Greene turns into a love story that becomes the central storyline for the series. He was even voted the best Friends character in a 2016 poll conducted by Comedy Central.

But one of the most absurd, and at times infuriating, contradictions about Ross Geller is that for someone so intellectually brilliant, he can also be a giant, petty baby. He can also be creepy, jealous, superficial, and problematic. Here’s a rundown of some of his worst moments.

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    He Tried To Kiss His Cousin

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    In one of his most appalling moves ever, Ross actually makes a pass at his cousin Cassie while she’s staying at his apartment. From the second she shows up, Ross can’t stop staring at her and acting super creepy around her.

    Ross gets away with it because, well, he’s Ross, but it brings to mind the days of male predators who got away with it because - as they claimed - they simply couldn’t control themselves around beautiful women. It’s also implied that Ross’s behavior is an understandable response because Cassie is played by Denise Richards.

    While they’re watching a movie, Ross actually tries to kiss Cassie. (Spoiler: She does not want that.) This is offensive not only because Ross is physically inappropriate with a family member, but also because he's actually convinced his cousin wants to sleep with him.

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    He Told Rachel He Got Their Marriage Annulled When He Did Not

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    Season 6 opens with the aftermath of Ross and Rachel’s drunken Las Vegas wedding. When they become aware that they blacked out and got married the previous night, Ross and Rachel agree to get an annulment. But when Ross realizes this will mean he’s technically had three failed marriages, he begs Rachel not to annul it.

    This is not because Ross loves Rachel so much that he can’t let her go, but because he believes three failed marriages will reflect poorly on him. When Rachel insists on the annulment, Ross lies to her, telling her he went through with it when he did not. This goes on for several episodes and he never actually admits the truth; Rachel finds out on her own.

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    After Rachel Got Her Dream Job, He Complained That She Didn’t Have Enough Time For Him

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    When Rachel is a waitress at Central Perk, Ross looks down on her professional status and sees it as a drawback to dating her. But then Rachel gets a job at Bloomingdale’s that she’s really excited about. Instead of being supportive and happy for her, Ross naturally makes it about himself.

    He complains that Rachel is neglecting him by simply doing her job - a move that would get Ross labeled as a controlling, problematic boyfriend these days. And meanwhile, he acts like his impressive career is the only thing that should matter.

    “You never have the time,” Ross whines. “I don’t feel like I even have a girlfriend anymore, Rachel.”

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    He Shamed Rachel For Continuing To Lead A Life After Becoming A Mom

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    Rachel and Ross have a one-night stand that results in Rachel getting pregnant with their daughter Emma, and afterward Rachel must balance pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and maternity leave alongside Ross’s childish reactions.

    After her colleague Gavin helps watch Emma and takes her on a date, Rachel has a hot kiss with him on the balcony. But of course, Ross can’t let Rachel have that without staring at them awkwardly through the window. Instead of telling Rachel he is happy that she is taking time for herself while parenting a small child, Ross shames her for giving her number to any men - and actually admits to blocking her from interested suitors.

    It’s understandable that Ross might feel jealous seeing Rachel smooch other guys, but to actively meddle in her dating life is a major overreach.

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