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15 Landlords Of Reddit Are Sharing The Most Annoying Thing About Managing A Property

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Being a landlord is no easy task. Most property owners and landlords face the hassle of dealing with difficult tenants, and it's a huge investment of time, money and patience. If you've thought about getting in the landlord biz or are one your self and want to see if others relate, check out these annoying stories from the landlords of the internet!

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    Arts And Crafts

    From Redditor /u/tommysmuffins

    My last landlord told me about a tenant that painted his motorcycle with a rattle can, in the apartment. Tiny little black dots of paint over every last surface in the apartment. The carpet was the worst part.

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    Nightmare Tenants

    From Redditor /u/nachoqueen

    Tenants lived upstairs for 3 months, didn't pay the third month's rent, called in (as me) to cut off my utilities, reported me to Children's Division for child [mistreat]... moved out leaving 18 bags of garbage & reported me to the fire department for the garbage hazard.

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    People’s Person

    From Redditor /u/bluemitersaw

    The people. 90% of the job is dealing with your tenants. Good tenants require virtually no effort and are a dream.

    Your property just makes money for you with the occasional minor issue like a running toilet to fix. Bad tenants consume all sorts of time.

    This is way more of a people's job than most everyone expects.

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    People Who…

    From Redditor /u/cmarin17

    People who complain about their rent going up to $5 a month after two years of renting at very low prices.

    People who don't call in maintenance requests until there's a list of like eight things that need to be done in their apartment.