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We Love 'Fortnite', But These Things About It Still Annoy The Sh*t Out Of Us

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Since its release in July 2017, Fortnite has become one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world. It attracts millions of players daily, including celebrities playing Fortnite with the same gusto as the rest of the gamer population.

Despite this phenomenal success, there are still some problems with Fortnite that leave many users frustrated. Whether it's concerns about Fortnite's weapons making the gameplay unbalanced or just a particular aspect of the title that is super annoying, these Fortnite fan complaints make it clear that Epic Games still has some work to do.

That’s not to say the overall experience is a bad one—voracious fans simply have some gripes, and they’ve taken to Reddit and other message boards to vent their frustration.

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    Outside of the XP gained from completing a game and performing well, there isn’t any reward for winning games in Fortnite. As pointed out on Reddit, players are awarded a special glider following their first victory. After that, the game doesn't dish out any extra gifts for winning. With no external incentive to win, many players lose interest in the game. 

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    Popular streamers are becoming more influential in the gaming industry. Some users feel Fortnite streamers can pressure Epic Games into modifying weapon stats or changing gameplay aspects. For example, in June 2018, Epic Games added the option for user anonymity, a move that left mega-streamers like pixie man Ninja all too pleased. Although it was done to stop trolling, it made some users feel like they were missing out on playing with their favorite streamers.

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    Elitists love bashing popular media, and Fortnite is no exception. Snobs come out of the woodwork to argue about how easy or childish Fornite is compared to other games. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players are particularly susceptible to this, with users bashing the popular alternative at every opportunity.

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    One of the great things about Fortnite is the developers' commitment to creating new items and weapons. However, many people in the community feel adding extra content takes priority over fixing bugs.

    There have even been some examples of exploits or glitches that have remained in the game for months without a patch to fix them, like when players go to switch weapons and it comes up empty, despite having a loaded inventory. 

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    There are various level up systems within Fortnite, including an overall character level as well as the Battle Pass progress. Unfortunately, both require a lot of grinding to advance, especially in the later stages. Redditors like /u/PembyRain aren't fans of the massive amount of hours players have to invest to get the unlocks they want or to reach a certain level.

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    Many games use a free-to-play model where users can purchase additional skins or items to enhance gameplay. Fortnite is no different, but the way it has implemented microtransactions is distinctly irritating.

    As members of Reset Era pointed out, not only are the store items incredibly expensive –often more than $10 each – but many are also locked behind the leveling system. This means that a credit card isn't all you need to acquire certain skins—players have to grind for a long time to even earn the ability to purchase said items. 

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    A common complaint for players, especially those who are inexperienced, is there is no tutorial or training mode to let beginners hone their skills. Instead, they are put directly into online matches against other, more experienced players. As several Redditors new to the game pointed out, this can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you get killed within seconds round after round.

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    While players appreciate Epic Games doing their best with updates and patches, one of the major gripes many players have is the constant flux in weapons' stats. Guns like the compact SMG and a wide variety of shotguns are regularly changed when players complain they are either too powerful or ineffective. 

    It is especially galling for any player who decides to take a break from the game, only to return and have to relearn everything. 

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    Fortnite has implemented crossplay across all its versions (PC, Xbox One, mobile, etc.), allowing players to battle against others regardless of the user's platform. However, much to the chagrin of Redditors like /u/yukataRED, this isn’t possible with the PlayStation 4, as Sony blocks crossplay from working with its competitors' consoles. To make matters worse, if you ever log into your Fortnite account on a PS4, you'll never be able to go back to another platform. 

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    The sheer popularity of Fortnite means every YouTuber and streamer wants to create content centered on the game. While this is fine for those who love the game, it also means sites such as YouTube and Twitch are constantly recommending Fortnite videos to anyone who watches video game content online. It quickly becomes annoying if you really don’t want to watch any Fortnite footage.

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    The shotgun is a Fortnite favorite. They are easy to find and are super effective at close and medium range. This means most gunfights devolve into two people trying to shoot each other with shotguns rather than use strategy. The game feels more like a race to find a shotgun than a calculated fight for survival. 

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    A common thread throughout various Fortnite Reddits is that Rust Lord. Is. The. Worst. Many long-time players associate the cosmetic item with low-level newbies, as it's one of the first skins you can unlock in Battle Pass. Experienced players aren't exactly thrilled when it's clear they were killed by a relatively new user. 

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    Using a trick made famous in Counter-Strike: GO, many streamers play the game in a 4:3 resolution as opposed to the standard 16:9. This is done to gain a perceived competitive advantage: by stretching out the character models, the hit boxes become larger, which gives players a bigger, easier targets. Many players are annoyed when popular streamers do this, as it makes the gameplay look terrible compared to those streaming at the proper resolution.

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    Fornite has become something of a victim of its own success. Since it's attracted a huge audience, not every player can simultaneously battle as originally intended. The sheer number of players leads to performance issues such as lag or outages, as the servers simply cannot handle the load.

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    Unlike many other games, Fornite actively encourages players to taunt and insult each other. It includes a variety of emotes and dances designed for players to use after they have killed or downed other users. As Redditors make clear, it can quickly become tedious to have others literally dance on your grave every time you're killed.