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11 Things About The Walking Dead That Really Annoy Fans

WARNING: Unless you are caught up to season six of The Walking Dead, there are spoilers lurking in this list, so beware.  

When you love a show so much, you want it to be the best and you tend to have a lot of opinions. When it comes to The Walking Dead, the showrunners have a lot of fan expectations and attention. No matter what they do, someone somewhere will always be yelling at their TV. It's hard to please such an intense fan base. Opinions vary wildly, but there are some things about The Walking Dead episodes that consistently annoy fans.

The list of annoying things on The Walking Dead isn’t long but there are those things that come up again and again within the fandom. Some are questions likewho’s been mowing the grass during the apocalypse? How can guns shoot so many rounds without reloading? How long does a giant can of chocolate pudding last  before it goes bad? Why don't the characters simply cover themselves in walker goo and go anywhere they want?

This list looks at those questions, as well as some more story and character-based Walking Dead annoyances that are also commonly discussed. None of these are Rick Grimes beard level, but they do come up often enough to warrant mentioning. Vote up the most annoying things about The Walking Dead. It doesn't mean you don't love the show, it means you love it enough to care!

Still, if you need a break, feel free to check out other shows like The Walking Dead too - there are plenty!

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    Dawn Lerner and the Hospital Felt Like Wasted Time

    Why would a bunch of cops take the time to set up an entire operation requiring them to wear their uniforms and follow the chain of command in a practically empty city? They lived this long, why not go find a safer sanctuary or at least have casual Fridays. 

    Source: IGN 
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    The Camouflage Trick Is Useless If You Talk, Sam

    The group found the walker guts poncho handy during season one. Michonne used it in the form of her two pet walkers on chains. Carol used it to blow up Terminus. So the group teaches the Alexandrians that this is the best way to get out of a tight spot when the walls collapse after a mega herd crashes in. Problem? Sam. If you get all in your head and start crying, things fall apart. Bye, Sam. Bye, Jessie. Bye, Ron. Bye, Carl's eye. 
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    Slow Moving Character Development

    Everyone probably has your own list but there are some standouts. The Governor, for example. He was a terrific baddie for a while, but then, dude, just go away. Why did you get that weird little section of backstory before you boomeranged back to the prison? The comics have plenty of bad guys to offer up as future villains, so move along. 

    Lori was around way too long for many fans. Dale, although a very nice guy, was turning into a harpy before he met his fate. Andrea had an arc and then hung out long after it was over. Father Gabriel asked for redemption and then turned into a snitch. What?! Peace out, padre. Then there’s Grady Hospital’s own resident cop Dawn Lerner.  

    And the way that the group treats Eugene like a child. He's a smart guy. He knows about sorghum and how to make bullets, but having him bumble around for so long was painful to watch. Josh McDermitt can offer so much more.  

    Sources WhatCulture, Cinemablend 

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    The Alexandrians

    These people live like they had a Stephen King dome dropped on top of them, only their dome was designed by Pottery Barn. These characters are clearly meant to be sheltered in contrast to battle-hardened soldiers like Rick and the gang but man, the Alexandrians are just obnoxious. Between their cocktail parties,  requests for pasta makers, general recklessness, and total lack of knowledge of the living hell beyond their walls, these folks are tough to live with.

    Daryl knows what was up though. Rednecks never trust people who wear that much khaki. And Carol? She became Scarol and pretended to be a nice sweater-wearing homemaker, but we all know that by season six, she’s really more Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter.  

    UPDATE: The Alexandrians who survived (RIP Deanna, her husband and her jerk son, Jessie and her entire family), learned how to fight back. However, it seems like every week, Rick and company find a reason to abandon the place, leaving it vulnerable to new and improved threats. Oy.