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11 Things About The Walking Dead That Really Annoy Fans

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WARNING: Unless you are caught up to season six of The Walking Dead, there are spoilers lurking in this list, so beware.  

When you love a show so much, you want it to be the best and you tend to have a lot of opinions. When it comes to The Walking Dead, the showrunners have a lot of fan expectations and attention. No matter what they do, someone somewhere will always be yelling at their TV. It's hard to please such an intense fan base. Opinions vary wildly, but there are some things about The Walking Dead episodes that consistently annoy fans.

The list of annoying things on The Walking Dead isn’t long but there are those things that come up again and again within the fandom. Some are questions likewho’s been mowing the grass during the apocalypse? How can guns shoot so many rounds without reloading? How long does a giant can of chocolate pudding last  before it goes bad? Why don't the characters simply cover themselves in walker goo and go anywhere they want?

This list looks at those questions, as well as some more story and character-based Walking Dead annoyances that are also commonly discussed. None of these are Rick Grimes beard level, but they do come up often enough to warrant mentioning. Vote up the most annoying things about The Walking Dead. It doesn't mean you don't love the show, it means you love it enough to care!

Still, if you need a break, feel free to check out other shows like The Walking Dead too - there are plenty!

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    Richonne Happened but Was It a Good Thing for Rick?

    SPOILER: As of season six, episode 10, there's no longer any need for fans to complain about this particular 'ship (or lack thereof).

    It happened and it was one of Rick's better decisions. And then it seemed like a distraction for Rick, especially when things got super real at the end of season six. 
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    The Southern Accents Are All Over the Place

    If you’re not from the South, this one might not matter so much to you. But there are a wide range of Southern and “Southern” accents happening on the show. Andrew Lincoln’s accent has improved but the Brit's pronunciation of Carl’s name in earlier seasons have marked him forever with Cooooruuul/Coral/Caaaaaahhhhwwwwrulll memes. Jon Bernthal’s accent faded in and out like a bad radio signal. 

    Lauren Cohan was born in Philadelpha, raised in New Jersey, then moved to the UK when she was still young. Her accent has fluctuated over the seasons, but has smoothed out. Emily Kinney had the same struggle with her accent. 

    The whole Greene family did not speak with the same regional accents as each actor picked a different dialect. They should have followed Scott Wilson’s lead. He was born and raised in Atlanta. That’s a Southern accent.

    As Daryl, Norman Reedus follows the lilt of Alabama-born Michael Rooker, who played his on-screen brother Merle. Also, Reedus is from Florida, so he’s legit. 

    Source: Previously TV 
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    The Varying Strengths of the Walkers

    This one meme says it all. Depending on what the writers need to pull off, the undead seem to have various killing settings. Sometime they can knock down a fence. Other times they can’t get out of a barn or knock out a window. Sure, the zombies are slowing down because they are decomposing, but we’re talking about the varying speeds within the same region and episode. Maybe some walkers just ate someone and have that extra boost of energy. Or it’s a matter of numbers and teamwork. Or some walkers worked out a lot in their pre-dead life. One way or another, it can take you right out of suspenseful moments.

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    Father Gabriel Mans Up, Now at the Mercy of Bad Group Decisions

    First of all, our weary survivors have had their fair share of grappling with faith but Father Gabriel is the worst. He abandoned his flock, holed up in the church, and let them turn into walkers. After Rick and the gang save him - multiple times! - all Father Gabriel can do is scratch at the blood on the floor and whine about desecrating a holy place. Then he turns on them after the group gets his sorry butt to Alexandria. Can’t wait to see this character turn and get a head shot from Daryl or become a walker buffet. Byeee, Felicia. 

    By the way: Seth Gilliam is a fine actor and he’s been nothing but entertaining on The Wire, Teen Wolf, Law & Order, and The Good Wife. How much Father Gabriel annoys is actually a testament to how well Gilliam does his job, but it doesn't mean that Gabe should stick around even a second longer than he has to. 

    UPDATE: by the end of season six, Father Gabriel had stepped up. He's fine with doing what he has to to protect Alexandria and Judith. But, if Rick and the gang keep leaving and getting captured, he might be the last man standing. 

    Source: Cinemablend

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