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The 25 Most Annoying Things Vapers Do

Updated 29 Jan 2020 11.0k votes 1.2k voters 21.2k views25 items

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People who smoke e-cigarettes are the worst! Okay so maybe they’re not the worst, but some of them are very annoying. Vapers are up there with vegans and people who do CrossFit when it comes to having an inferiority and superiority complex. They are obsessed with how their habit is slightly more healthy than smoking, ugh. And watching annoying vapers suck down nicotine juice is like watching a grown man play with trains – but in public and while surrounded by a thick smelly fog. Who smokes e-cigarettes? Douchebags mostly, but also jerks, chumps, and dum dums. Keep reading to find out about all the things that annoying vapers do to ruin your day.

If you don’t have at least one friend who spends their day connected by the lips to a vape pen, e-cigarette, or one of those ridiculous fog machines that they love so much, consider yourself lucky. Most people have the ill luck of having to put up with a friend, family member, or favorite celebrity who thinks because they’re vaping and not smoking a cigarette that they’re getting away with the greatest caper known to man. In fact, these dorky, tacky vapers are prone to committing multiple faux pas against good taste and public decency. It’s time to put these bothersome e-cigarette users in their place. Vote on the things you find the most annoying about people who smoke e-cigarettes.


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