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Annoying Things Fat People Deal With

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Being fat hasn't been fun since Henry VIII rolled around the English court with a turkey leg in one hand and a seemingly unending parade of hot chicks on the other. Once a sign of wealth and social standing (there weren't any 2 for $1 deep fried tacos in the middle ages), a rotund disposition in the 21st century is met with mockery, guilt, and ingrained social stigma from others who "try harder" to maintain a svelter figure. Put succinctly: being fat is a pain in the (fat) ass.

While it's unfair- and unrealistic- to think that society would (or should) bend over backwards to make bigger people feel more comfortable in their day-to-day lives, it's high time you skinny people got an idea just how annoying it can be to be the fat kid at the party. From your errant ass cheek knocking over the least precariously placed of items to constant scrutiny about what is, or isn't, on your plate, there are a lot of things normal people take for granted. And don't even get me started with what the girls have to go through. Everyone loves big boobs until they're strapped on permanently, AMIRITE, ladies??

Whether you're a current or former fat kid, you'll recognize most of these things only fat people have to deal with. No judgments here, BTW. We all have our ups and downs in weight and in life, and it just so happens that some of us have lost and gained more pounds than some of their smaller friends will ever tip the scales at period. But now, with this list of things only fat people can sympathize with, at least we can get all our feels in the open. Vote for the fat people problems you hate the most, and don't worry about someone giving you the side eyes about that Diet Coke on your desk while you're voting.
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    Chafing. So Much Chafing.

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    People Assume You Can Only Date Other Fat People

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    When You Workout Everyone Has To Comment On It

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    No Matter What You Go To The Doctor For, It Always Turns Into A Talk About Your Weight

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