Things That Kind Of Annoy You About Going To Trader Joe's

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Vote up the tiny little foibles that even the most devoted Trader Joe's shoppers sometimes run into when picking up groceries at TJ's.

Trader Joe's has come a long way since the first store opened in Pasadena, CA way back in 1967. Since then, most of North America has welcomed local grocers in Hawaiian shirts cheerily ringing up organic chocolate-covered gummy bears, peanut butter-stuffed pretzels, or any number of tasty Trader Joe's products. They're everywhere and they're rightly beloved. Whether you live in upstate New York or deep in the heart of Texas, a local TJ's is probably nearby for your next full-blown grocery run or just the next time you need some fresh milk to go with your Joe's Os. Those trips to Trader Joe's aren't always pleasure cruises, however. 

For as much joy as you can find on the shelves, your grocery store trip can still involve the occasional hiccup, and it's okay to talk about the little annoyances, even if you're the Trader's biggest fan. From the notoriously tight parking lots with spaces that are too small for any average car to the signature products that sometimes disappear without warning, here are a few pet peeves when it comes to Trader Joe's. Vote up the annoyances you might mutter about on even a happy TJ run. 

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    The Parking Lot Can Be An Apocalyptic Hellscape

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    Traffic Jams In The Aisles

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    Sometimes A Favorite Product Is Suddenly Seasonal

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    Finding That A Favorite Product Has Been Discontinued

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    Some "Healthy Alternative" Products Aren't All That Healthy

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    Packaging That Hides How Little Of The Product Is In The Box