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The Most Annoying Thing About You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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There are good, bad, and ugly qualities that come along with each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. While each sign has their own special sets of fascinating and lovable merits, they also have equally as unbearable quirks that will make you want to rip your hair out.

From the stubborn Taurus to the attention-hungry Leo—the annoying things you do based on your astrological sign will leave you slightly offended as they unravel your worst characteristics like a line of string. You're not being called out or anything, but if the shoe fits, it fits. If you're digging for some sort of explanation as to why your temper is seemingly uncontrollable or why your friend always flakes out on plans, learning the annoying things each zodiac sign does could uncover the reason behind those obnoxious qualities.

  • An Aries will do whatever they want whenever they want, and nobody can tell them otherwise. This sign can be an angry tyrant if they don't have everything their way. They're often immature and self-centered, so if you disagree with them, you're bound to find yourself in the dead center of a heated argument.

    Aries have an innate sense of entitlement; their quick temper may come off as selfish, truly showing why Aries is the first fire sign of the zodiac—they're hot-tempered when provoked.

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  • While a Taurus loves to live lavishly, collecting all sorts of materialistic belongings, their energy is not very welcoming. This sign is a super stubborn bull. Their headstrong beliefs and in-your-face attitude are both imposing and oddly uncomfortable.

    An unwillingness to budge in their habits, even while around friends, makes a Taurus an intrusive roadblock in the middle of a good time. Wherever they trod, they carry around a stubborn bundle of negative energy.

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  • The dual personality of the Gemini might make it seem like they're versatile and easy to get along with, but they'll flake on you in an instant. The sign of "The Twins" can also be called the sign of the "Two-Faced Personality."

    Seemingly sweet to your face, a Gemini is usually judging you behind your back. You'll might be surprised if they don't completely bail on plans, since this sign can be social one minute and want to be completely left alone the next. Inconsistent and fickle, this sign will often tug you around on a leash, then leave you high and dry.

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  • Cancers are, quite frankly, an emotional trainwreck. If this crab is having a bad day, everyone around them is definitely going to know about it. These hypersensitive astrological personalities will whine and cry about virtually anything if it's not to their liking.

    Their sensitivity makes them clingy and moody, and they'll often make others a target of their insecurity. Anyone close to a Cancer  has to constantly worry about what's wrong with them, making sure not to step on this soft and squishy crab's fragile feelings.

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