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The Most Annoying Thing About You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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There are good, bad, and ugly qualities that come along with each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. While each sign has their own special sets of fascinating and lovable merits, they also have equally as unbearable quirks that will make you want to rip your hair out.

From the stubborn Taurus to the attention-hungry Leo—the annoying things you do based on your astrological sign will leave you slightly offended as they unravel your worst characteristics like a line of string. You're not being called out or anything, but if the shoe fits, it fits. If you're digging for some sort of explanation as to why your temper is seemingly uncontrollable or why your friend always flakes out on plans, learning the annoying things each zodiac sign does could uncover the reason behind those obnoxious qualities.

  • Hey, Leo, not everything is always about you. This prideful lion will grab every chance they get to horde attention. The over-acccomplished attitude they carry radiates vanity and arrogance. Since they absolutely love soaking up stares and adoration from everyone in the room, people will be lucky to get a word in around a Leo. A bossy sucker for compliments and praise, their craving for an edge over everyone else may come off as desperate.

    If being a flashy show-off was a competition, a Leo would certainly come in first place—and they would revel in it.

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  • Virgos are total neurotic messes. Their need to have everything done in an orderly and timely fashion will have them nit-picking at nearly every aspect of their lives and the lives of those around them. They can't just chill out and relax for a moment—they're always worried about something.

    Making mountains out of mole hills is a Virgo's favorite hobby. This sign's need to have everything in perfect order mixed with their constant desire for perfectionism creates a serious cocktail of anxious energy.

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  • Not knowing how to handle the slightest bit of pressure, Libras will shrug off anything that seems even remotely like confrontation. They have a persistent urge to be liked by everyone around them, and this insecurity turns them into people-pleasing hypocrites. Nobody can ever expect an honest opinion from a Libra, since they'll just say whatever makes you happy.

    A Libra will go along with most anything, as long as people aren't hating on them.

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  • Scorpios Are Shady And Manipulative

    Scorpios are masters at hiding things from others. Keeping secrets so that they always get what they want out of someone or something, they feel like their shady behavior is totally acceptable. As long as they get what they want, nobody gets hurt.

    This sign's possessive and obsessive personality makes them a cruel and calculating enemy to have. Scorpios just can't quite relax and stop trying to always get something out of everything.


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